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About Us

Hey everyone, my name is Tony. I have been wanting to start a brand for quite some time, but have put it off until now. I have been inspired so much by a good friend of mine that it was finally time to give it a go. The whole thing for me was that I was always over-complicating things. I wanted to try to make a difference but didn't think I could or didn't know how. Ultimately, after a few years the concept finally clicked for me.

The main thing is that I can make a difference in people's lives just by doing what I do everyday. Whether it's an encounter with the mail person or neighbor or the cashier at the store I go to everyday. I often times feel too busy or overwhelmed to welcome another person into my life and that's OK because I have the ability to make a difference as I go. It is just simply telling someone they are awesome or actually trying to know how someone is doing.

We all know what hurt and pain is like and unfortunately it's all too common, but we also know what it's like to be encouraged. When you hurt someone and they tell you it's OK or when you screw up and are still treated good. Those are the moments that make a big difference. Those are the moments that can be life changing and those moments are available to us all the time. I want to create a community that looks for those opportunities As You Go because It Matters.

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